Cadet Chapel, United States Military Academy at West Point
M.P. Moller, 1911 and 1951, with ongoing additions | IV/380 | Official website

After going to contract in late 2008, we have recently completed the first phase of a multi-year project to repair, replace and upgrade the wiring, expression and DC power systems for the pipe organ at the Cadet Chapel of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. The catalyst for this work was lightning damage that took several divisions of the organ offline in 2007.

Working directly with Head Organ Curator Grant Chapman, we are systematically upgrading and replacing all windchest and power wiring in compliance with current electrical codes. We have carefully replaced power supplies, relay controls, expression motors and begun the implementation and installation of a solid-state switching and control system to supersede prior installed diode-matrix and open contact systems. The new switching hardware is provided by Solid State Organ Systems of Alexandria, Virginia.

The organ console's capture system, installed many years ago and provided by Syndyne, has been retained and repaired with the procurement of 24 specially fabricated LS2464 capture system boards to replace those that were damaged in the original lightning strike.

To date, work has been completed in the Nave, Transept Great, Transept Positiv, Swell and Harmonic divisions (Tiers IV through VI only). Solo, Orchestral and Harmonic Tiers I through III remain offline until work can commence on subsequent phases of the project.

In compliance with Mr. Chapman's requirements, we have meticulously documented every aspect of our work in every section of the organ. This outsize undertaking has necessitated an expansion in our technical staff and given us a welcome opportunity to work on a challenging but prestigious project. We are proud to play our role, however minor, as faithful stewards of a National treasure.


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